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The Best Of Hipster Dog

This is mostly an excuse to gush over an adorable Bichon Frise in glasses. This dog is huge in Austria and Minnesotta. You've probably never heard of him.

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Why can't I help but talk in a funny voice when I read these? :) Love it!

Snowball Puppy! Totally worth it! This makes me laugh, because it happens to my puppy all the time, too.

"YES!" This guy at work said "that is so fetch!" the other day and the girl he said it to had no idea what he was talking about and hasn't seen Mean Girls. So the next 3 clients that walked in he asked if they had seen the movie and they all said they loved it and blah blah blah. She felt like an idiot for sure.

Dogs, no matter their size, when playing fetch, Always Think Big! (or bigger than themselves:) right Loki !

That is just like my dog. My dog is also a golden retriever and he does that exact same thing. lol

Imminent Chaos… who has a dog they would like to volunteer as test subject 1? I will supply the cat and the laser pointer ;)

When your dog is trying to tell you something… here to find out more

"I dont like to run with mom - faked leg injuries.. Cost lots of $ in Vet bills - Vet caught on - treats gone :( "