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thebohemians-rpsody: ponyolikesham: wow. as much as i wish i did, i’ll never have dreads like this :( *sigh* so people change the source.. and don’t even change it properly. I mean, this goes so far as to speak bout y’all intelligence.

These look messy... but idk why I like them! I guess its a good messy. #dreadlocks #ashlikesthis :: #dreadstop

Roots of Creation by SkyWartooth, via Flickr

Would love it if my dreads looked like this one day. Though, I prefer them a bit thicker. But these are still gorgeous.

Not really cyberpunk or harajuku but I love her wine-coloured/crimson/red dreads with beads. Long and lovely!

This pleases my inner dreaded magpie.

good goddess I wish mine would get this long! but it's all about patience :)

Dreads-i have always thought dreads were cool. I couldnt have ever pulled it off but others can

I wish I could pull of dreads but they're so sexy on girls so I will settle for that! (;

tumblr_ml9vwdN65w1rxyir5o1_1280.jpg (639×960)

Sidney Ettienne - Photo by Tarrice Love #dread Ambassador