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    • Sherry Wright

      "I hate when people say, 'He's a nice person when you get to know him.' They migt as well say, 'He's a dickhead, but you'll get used to it.'"

    • Mikaela Steudel

      ugh sometimes people say "oh shes really nice when you get to know her" about me. hahaha they're lying

    • Ana

      Sounds like someone I know. Thought she was smart, but idiot settled for a dickhead.

    • Chella Tetsuo

      People probably say this all the time about my brother Ron & my Love Lins

    • Jodi Briggs

      Haaaaaa haaa ha! Just thought you would think this is funny with me!

    • Allison Goetz

      I know people like this and it's funny because it's true

    • Casey Ezell

      how funny that I can picture someone to fit this quote?!

    • Maggie Brewer

      funny but ain't it the truth

    • Bean Valle

      Haha, so true!

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