Vintage WWII American Red Cross Volunteer Nurse Uniform with Cap

A smiling nurse wearing a wonderful, classic wool cape, holders a youngster outside on the street in this charming image / My Aunt Frieda had a cape, uniform, cap, and shoes just like this!

WWII Vintage 1940s American Red Cross Uniform Dress Volunteer Nurse Uniform | eBay

WWII Army Nurse's dress uniform

American Army nurses stationed in Melbourne during WWII ~

WWII Vintage 40s 50s AMERICAN RED Cross Volunteer Nurse Uniform Dress Hat Patch. $350.00, via Etsy.

American Red Cross Volunteer, WWII.

American Red Cross Volunteer, WWII.

WWII Red Cross Volunteer Nurses Aide.

Keep your Red Cross at his side. Give! Vintage Red Cross WWII poster, circa 1944.

U.S. WWI Navy Yeoman (F) uniform, women's uniform. The hat is that of a WWII American Red Cross uniform but the rest of the uniform is for a WWI Yeomanette

American Red Cross

nursing caps

British Red Cross V.A.D's cap

Full 1940s Red Cross Nurse's Uniform.

WWII American Junior Red Cross poster by Walter Beach Humphrey, 1943.

Stewart's Military Antiques - Uniforms - US WWII American Red Cross Uniform, Motor Service, Large Size, Seersucker - $295.00

American Red Cross girls package parcels for POW in WWII

Portrait of Janet MacCubbin in the American Red Cross military welfare winter uniform and cap, circa 1941.

An American Red Cross poster showing a Red Cross nurse holding an infant and comforting a woman amid the destruction of war. Gordon Grant, c. 1918.

American Red Cross women in their uniforms on Tinian. Gift of David Lawrence, from the collection of the National WWII Museum