Coffee Filter Poppy Flowers Craft.. pretty easy to make and we can turn it into a pen.. and get some little clay pots with rice to hold them up.. good for home bound saints

poppies made from coffee filters

Paper Plate Poppy Craft Easy for preschoolers. It makes me think of Georgia O'Keeffe

Pinwheel Poppies - A Remembrance, Armistice or Veteran's day activity - Mum In The Madhouse- Mum In The Madhouse

Coffee Filter Flowers - Life Lesson Plans

Coffee Filter Poppy Flower

Fall Crafts for Kids | Autumn Coffee Filter Sunflowers, continued

How to make Paper Poppies

Simple and beautiful Fall art for kids

Whatever the morning pick-me-up is, this set of quick-witted coffee mugs are sure to crack a smile—no matter how early it is.

Handmade Flower Cards : use a cut out of the child's hand print to "hold" a bouquet of flowers (could make the lilies with the hand prints as well)

thanksgiving crafts

Add food coloring to a simple mixture of flour, salt, and water, and you get puffy, glossy paints that sparkle with salt crystals when dry.

Coffee Filter Flowers: Easter Crafts for Kids

Pp is for Peacock use the raindrop die cut on the coffee filters

Use as cover of Mothers Day card. Fingerprint Poppy Flower Craft for Kids - Sassy Dealz

Diapers & Daisies: Favorite Fall Art Projects to do with Toddlers. Coffee filters would be transparent for this project.


So many fun Ninja Turtle crafts for kids here! Love turning my kids favorite characters into crafts.

Our customers have really good taste. Exhibit A: this scarf, made at a patron's special request, is the scarf that put Flytrap on the map. Printed by hand and just $28, a great gift for Mother's Day!

easy valentines card for families