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The Milk Truck - another great idea. They create a mobile breastfeeding unit that allows mothers to feed their babies in places where they have been discouraged - restaurants, shopping malls, public spaces, etc. Babies should be able to eat anywhere. And everywhere.

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8 Best Fruits To Eat While Breastfeeding

8 Best Fruits You Should Eat While #Breastfeeding

Want to know which are the best foods to eat while breastfeeding? We all want to eat the best we can for our little ones - this list shows how to do that!

When I breastfeed, how do I know I am doing it right? Is my baby getting enough milk? How often do I need to feed my baby? Why does my friend’s baby not feed as frequently? These are the types of questions regularly asked by mothers at some stage during their breastfeeding experience. Here's a great resource as for a "normal" range! {REPIN} and {FOLLOW} us!

What to eat (and what foods to avoid) so you and baby can stay healthy while you're breastfeeding





What to Eat While BreastFeeding

What to eat while #breastfeeding is an important question that needs to be answered. #healthyfood #Breastfeedingfood

Did you know that breast milk evolves with your baby? That’s because as your baby grows, breast milk’s composition is continually evolving to feed your baby’s ever-changing nutritional needs.