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The Most Interesting Man In The World - i dont always ask for a togo box but when i do i forget it

Hey guys! Okay so everybody is unfollowing me for some reason? So this may be my last post. People are being so rude and hurtful. I haven't been on in a while because I've been so busy! But I do love you all! Bye for now unless someone can stop me!:(

I've lived here my entire life, surf, fish, kayak, swim, snorkel, paddle board etc and I still freak if I touch something under the water and then I book it!!

I don't always keep the house spotless... but when I do, it's because I've been watching Hoarders.

HA! Everytime!!! (But i'm glad to know that others do this, too!)

Omg this is so true! Of you tell me to do something I was going to do its makes me not want to do it!

And if I ever see you haven't shaved your horns again, I'll strip you of your ghostbuster privileges.

If you don't get it on your own, my explanations will be meaningless anyway. <--Word.