• Dana Mullins

    Old wagon wheel. Herb Garden Idea!

  • Kristy Lucas Smith

    A wagon wheel herb garden... - cool idea, but I wouldn't be able to spend the years after watching that old wheel rot away, in the dirt... maybe use something else in the shape of a wagon wheel so it comes across as the same idea for the herb garden... and do something a little less "lets watch this cool old wagon wheel relic of the past rot away" with the wagon wheel, like furniture, a chandelier, wall hanging, table, I don't know sand and clear coat and use as a towel rack...

  • Trinity Rae

    Wagon Wheel Herb Garden; Re-pinned as an idea for my mother, she has so many wagonwheels incorperated into her garden, and also grows herbs. Its a good idea!

  • Lainey McCrory

    Oldwagon wheel divider. [averysofia-living wiki]

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I love this. I have priced these wheels and they are expensive. However, they are still on my "keep a look out" list!!!

Wagon Wheel. Great idea, I have one collecting dust in the garage

Jazz up the flower bed surrounding a tree w/ rustic accessories (wagon wheel, wheelbarrow, wooden chair), hanging potted plants on the trunk & strategically place solar powered garden lamps on stakes along the flower bed perimeter.

Wagon Wheel as Trellis / Garden Art by OSU Master Gardener, via Flickr


something magical happens when I first see the cat that lives at the nursery.

wagon wheel - anybody know where I can get a wagon wheel? This would be so cute on the farm.

Herb Wagon. I picked up my kitchen herbs today. Now all I need is a wagon!

^Wagon wheel this! Perfect in my opinion, for Texas hillside living! Maybe even out west, Colorado mountain "rustic" style?! It's for us... ❤

Wagon wheel against a fence with flowers in the foreground

Plant colour combinations that I like and use in the garden. Acid yellows and greens with purples and silvers. Nice use of the 'wheel' to draw the eye to a focal point.

Black eyed susan's. Love 'em but be very careful to plant in a contained area. They spread like crazy. Many farmers consider them to be a weed.