Identify weeds

handy guide to help identify and control weeds

Here's a handy guide to recognizing diseases on plant leaves.

Baking soda neutralizes the ph in the soil and nothing will grow there. use baking soda around all of the edges of flower beds to keep the grass and weeds from growing into beds. Just sprinkle it onto the soil so that it covers it lightly. Do this twice a year - spring and fall. Awesome!

2 c vinegar, 1T liquid soap, 1Tsalt....will kill anything! (for all those weeds growing in the cracks of the driveway!)

Heavily newspaper your garden beds before you put down mulch. Weeds cannot grow through the newspaper, and the decomposing paper feeds your soil. Best gardening tip I ever got!

Zebragrass -- We love zebragrass because of its bold colour: Each leaf blade features a series of bright yellow bands. The plant really stands out in the landscape! Zebragrass also has a nice upright habit that looks great in the perennial border

How to Divide Perennials How & When

How to Kill Poison Ivy Combine - 1 gallon white vinegar with 1 cup salt and 2 TBSP blue dawn dish soap. * Once all the ingredients have been mixed well pour mixture into a spray bottle. * Spray poison ivy. Be careful not to get it on your other plants because this mixture will kill anything you spray it on! Wonder if it works and if it worked fine for other weeds.

Creeping Jenny comes back every year and keeps out the weeds, spreads. Also beautiful in containers as a spiller! Sold at Home Depot $1.97 4" Pot. - its-a-green-life

Creeping Charlie (Glechoma hederacea) - Weekly Weeder #25 - This common weed can take over a lawn or garden, but it's high in vitamin C and can be used for food and medicine.

Keep this handy! There is a wealth of information here about dividing perennials! Also a list of best times to divide them. Definitely the best, clearest instructions I've seen yet.

natural bug spray Brew a pot of coffee and let it cool. Pour into spray bottle and spray on plants. It freaks out the bugs and gives your plants (if they are the type that need it) a tiny shot of nitrogen.

Bloody Cranesbill

Dividing plants a guide to why, when, which & how. Very thorough explanation with a terrific cheat sheet for common perennials. Come have a look & bookmark the cheat sheet.

Weed-smothering Groundcover: Bishop's Weed - Fast spreading bishop's weed will thrive where most other shade plants fail. Because it is so vigorous, it's best suited for shaded slopes or other areas where it has plenty of room to roam. Name: Aegopodium podagraria 'Variegatum'. Growing Conditions: Part to full shade and well-drained soil. Size: To 12 inches tall. Zones: 4-9

Top 20 Perennials for Your Garden-once you plant them,they just keep coming year after year-a very good thing

Bloom time charts for fall-planted bulbs, spring-planted bulbs and perennials. Very handy!

7 Organic ways to get rid of dandelions

These bright clustered bellflowers bloom in shades of blue, purple, and pink. More perennials:

Artemisia Plants with colorful foliage such as artemisia will keep the garden looking good while flowering plants go in and out of bloom. Artemisia has beautiful silver-gray foliage that won’t fade in the hot sun. This hardy perennial is also drought and insect resistant, and the branches make a wonderful addition to indoor flower arrangements. Height varies by variety and can range from 3 feet tall to just 5 inches. Grows in Zones 4-9.