butterfly in blue!

this butterfly is incredible....

Butterfly / COLORS!!!

I think it was a good start today. Tonight and tomorrow let's try a color. Pins with blue or mostly blue. Like these. Thanks have fun searching for beautiful pins. Pin as many as you like to this board. Blue, blue, blue.....

Sunflower With Butterfly

Rose butterfly

Gorgeous Green


dharmasimulation: PHOTOGRAPH: A dazzling butterfly perched on a leaf

Grey butterfly// http://www.bykoket.com/inspirations/category/fauna-and-flora Okay, so it's technically a butterfly, but I am so feeling this color and iridescence for the moths!

ANGEL by Mustafa Öztürk on 500px

<3...Butterfly & Bambi... close-up photo, so beautiful...<3

.turquoise fish among the coral - beautiful.

lavender-colored glasses...rosarivera.flp.com/foreverliving.com

Beautiful blue butterfly #getinsync #butterfly

Awesome! Amazing World



Blue green butterflies