an attractive antique medicine bottle. ideas for potion bottles?

Antique Medicine Bottle

Marijuana has been medicine for all of human history.

Cannabis Tincture

Antique bottle - Jarvis' Blood Renovator

Potions And Cure - Alls Fine Art Print

drink me inspiration....victorian medicine bottle

Old medicine bottles.

vintage apothecary bottles

antique apothecary bottles

antique medicine bottle "Blood Searcher"

Vintage medicine chest

vintage medicine bottles

Antique medicine bottle of Panalgyn from Sharp Dohme of Baltimore. For rheumatism. Contains Strontium!!! (from my personal collection)

cures deafness?? (genuine article!)

A morphine bottle from about 1880. Morphine, an opium…..U.S. National Library of Medicine


vintage medicine bottles

Monarch Switchboard - - Antique Telephone Information