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    one question

    "it takes courage to grow up..." via @Colleen Ludovice (inspired to share)

    you make me happy Falmouth University Illustration Student Clair Rossiter


    Chocolate is always the answer. The question is irrelevant.

    Pretty much sums up my life of being hard of hearing. So when I have a girlfriend or wife we can hang out and chill cuddle and relax together whenever it's convenient for you because I don't go out much.

    You Make Me Melt.

    you are my sunshine



    I think this is me...

    I am organized and yet chaotic...

    John 13:7

    my mottto...

    Be patient.

    BRUUUCCCE! (Thats what I hear anyway...) Electric Light Orchestra <3 <3

    Today is my weak point.... but soon I will over come it and use it as a strength. You may have taken something from me but you will never fully break me.... because after all that has happened on this shitty day I still miss selden.

    Cute quote.

    the question...