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Differentiated Novel Study Choice Boards (Literature Circles)

*FREE* Differentiated Novel Study Choice Boards (Literature Circles) Two differentiated choice boards for students reading any novel or participating in a literature circle. Dozens of prompts for responding to the text are included, meeting many different learning styles and covering Bloom's Taxonomy!

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Plant and Animal Cell Venn Diagram

This is a great graphic organizer to help your students compare and contrast the similarities and differences of plant and animal cells. Included are 3 versions of the graphic organizer. Uses the color coded versions for your visual learners or use the black and white version to save on ink. Answer Key Included!

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Electricity Foldable and Venn Diagram: Conductors and Insulators

This foldable and venn diagram allow students to explore electricity through a focus on insulators and conductors. Foldable: Use construction paper and fold it like a hot dog. On the top fold of the hot dog, cut in the middle to make 2 flaps. Students use the top two boxes on this sheet as their top flaps to the foldable.

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Day and Night Sky Picture Sort (Venn Diagram): Kindergarten Science

Day and Night Sky Picture Sort (Venn Diagram): Kindergarten Science - Class of Kinders -

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My Bright Ideas! Electricity Notebook

Electricity Student Notebook - Circuit diagrams, parallel and series circuits

The two largest pieces of the Universe that we know the least about, yet nothing less than the ultimate fate of the Universe will be determined by them. (Illustration: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss)

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Sun & Other Stars {Venn Diagram Sort} First Grade Science

Venn Diagram sun/star sort for First Grade Science. Students will read the information, cut, sort and glue in the correct spot to show they can compare the sun to the other stars! $

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Cells & Microscope Activity Unit

Cells (Animal & Plant) Labeling activity, Venn Diagram & About Cells, Label the microscope, and Onion & Cheek cell microscope Activity.