Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory!!

Big Bang Theory.

DR. SHELDON COOPER!!!! Though this picture is inaccurate. Dr. Sheldon Cooper would tell about the bacterial, viral, and fungal infections one could contract from playing in a ball pit. Then he would tell a story about how his bible-beating mother in Texas growing up did something [not so] terrible to him in his childhood involving ball pits. Did I get it right? =p

"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr" <3 The Big Bang Theory

"Ohhh it's a tiara!" Loved this moment! Thiiiis is right up there with the bazinga episode for me! "put it on meeeeee! Put it on meeeeee! LMAO!

I will think of this every time I use my salad trident from my flatware set... e-cards-and-other-funny-stuff

I love Big Bang Theory.

You've gotta love The Big Bang Theory

Eu sou muito inteligente. Você não acha que se eu estivesse errado eu não saberia.

Bazinga ;) <3

This show hahah

Big Bang Theory

Sounds legit.

big-bang-theory. Cast when they were young Featuring Johnny Galecki – Leonard Hofstadter Jim Parson – Sheldon Cooper Kaley Cuoco – Penny Simon Helberg – Howard Wolowitz Melissa Rauch – Bernadette Rostenkowski Mayim Bialik – Amy Farrah Fowler No Kunal Nayyar - Raj Koothrappali though

Oh Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon...

Sheldon and Big Bang Theory