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Tamanna 'WHITE Henna Edition' by @DressYour Face

Another flawless henna sheet designed by Tamanna Roashan, AKA @DressYourFace! And this time, in WHITE! This set features intricate traditional henna designs whi

This is my absolute favorite tattoo that I have!! Means more to me than any others! -Heather Paw print tattoo if I was ever to get a paw print tattoo, I would never ever want a cartoon style tattoo, but the actual paw print of my pet friend- ink it lightly, press it on paper, and get it tattooed. So, it would be the actual paw print.

Finally got my white ink.  Its still red; I cant wait to see it once its healed. I love how the tattoo artist kept trying to talk me out of white ink.  But nooo, my mind had been made up, like, two years ago.  Not sure really what took me so long.

Now this is a tatto I could handle ~ white ink love infinity tattoo.

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