Wonder Woman Movie Finally Happening?

Warner Bros. has been trying to get a Wonder Woman movie made for more than half a decade and at one point Joss Whedon was supposed to be the guy making it. He’s since jumped
  • Cheryl C.

    [UPDATED] Check Out Adam Hughes’ Promo Art For Joss Whedon’s Ill-Fated Wonder Woman Movie

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HAHAHAHAhahaha.... It's cute how the babies match their "fathers" Robin is as cool as Batman, while Kid Flash and Flash are hysterical. xD

Post item Patriarchy Is Hard- Carry A Sword And Unleash Hell.

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Dick's adoption--the only way Bruce could think to say "I love you."

justice league money

Justice League.

I didn't like this until I imagined that she's sticking an iron-on "WONDER WOMAN IS THE MY LEADER" patch on that uniform.

Teen Titan version of I love you♥ -- I've always had a super crush on him

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by WTNB_tfma

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Dick Grayson, Robin to Nightwing

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Save me.