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  • Nancy M

    There is something so wonderful about a handwritten letter. I think because snail mail is sent so much less since we have emails. You really have to be intentional about sending a actual letter these days!

  • Gypsy Mel

    i'll live by my pen. by weepy hollow, via Flickr I love hand written mail .. Snail mail is thoughtful

  • phoebe blankinship

    I absolutely love finding old letters and postcards or really anything handwritten! Its just so personal! I love it! :) ....its sad that our children will not be able to look back at old written letters all we'll have is emails and digital files..I am now going to work on my letter writing skills and penmanship! ;) Keepin it old school!

  • Jen

    Remember the good 'ol days of writing letters?! Still LOVE love letters. :)

  • Caitlyn Hackett

    Bucket List - pen pal

  • Kate Kubina

    I love writing letters. I need to do more of it. Never underestimate the power of a well-written (and handwritten) letter.

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