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A clock that knits a scarf once a year. That is fantastic! @Hannah Silvieus

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Watch movies on your wall... frickin awesome

what a fantastic idea for a night light!!

extreme hat

Make this! So simple, yet so freaking smart.

TO COOL! This is why my favorite invention is the toaster!! Can you imagine what gadgets like this will look like in ANOTHER 50 years?

The most genius idea I've seen on pinterest!

SPIDER WEAVING WEAVING: scarf originalisimaa

So cool!

Love of Knitting Fall

My wonderful husband did this for me for our 20 year anniversary on 12-30-12. Soooo romantic <3 Cute!!!

Custom - Tree Saver Towels - Reusable, Eco-Friendly, Snapping Paper Towel Set - CHOOSE YOUR PRINT - Cotton and Terry Cloth


Knit with a comb. Easy!

ECAL low-tech factory - rocking chair knits winter hats (AWESOME!)

This is the coolest thing you've seen this week.

Chunky Arm Knit Blanket Pattern. Why haven't I thought of using anything more than a simple garter stitch before? Love the garter and stockinet checker pattern

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