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So true! Check the weather first, drying might not even be worth it

And they had straight hair so they didn't understand

So very me! I go through conditioner like no one's business.

i hate this one. because i LOVE my hair when its wet. screw being dry. ill just carry a bucket of water around with me all day! LOL

curly hair problems tumblr | submitted by itsfreakingkimberly :)

Bahaha. Made me laugh. This whole page has tons of these...This was my favorite.

Thank you! I hate when people with straight hair say I take long showers. Get back to me when you actually need a shower to get a brush through your hair.

If only I could capture the hairdressers' faces when I walk in.

I hesitate going to any salon... they say "we cut curly hair all the time" and I come out with triangle head!!

Do you ever just wake up an go "NOPE" ...and roll over and go back to sleep? I do, almost every morning.