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A professional sleeper takes napping to a new level!     How can you not love a face and a baby sleeping like that!!!!! It is precious!

A professional sleeper takes napping to a new level! This is why I wanna be a cat, You can sleep anywhere anytime

Lindo :3

Kitty Love

Pretty kitty kitty heart Free Printable Letters For Any Project (A-Z) (So Many Designs and Styles to Choose From) Hug


Shironeko fits into tiny baskets.but wait.there's even room for a brother or two.if it fits, they sits.

I'll be your flower kitty-girl. This reminds me of my mother's cat, Chipper (aka Chipper-wit!) whom she called the honeysuckle boy because he sat in the honeysuckles and came in the house smelling of them.

Playful kitten.

Baby Lily - "Love to eat those mousies, mousies what I love to eat. Bite they little heads off, nibble on they tiny feet.

I don't have the heart to tell him that he is not a dog!  This is an Armenian Van cat. They live near Lake Van in modern turkey and are the only breed of cats that swim and retrieve.

"A 'Turkish Van' (or 'swimming cat') fetching a stick in the water. They love being in water, can’t keep them out of it"

Looks like my Mario!

The classic lion mane cat costume. Turn your kitty into a fearless lion: