Lol I dont know why I found this absolutely hilarious!

pom pom


That is so adorable!!

Love this! So funny!


I want these costumes! haha

I have got to get one of these for my Darlabug. Hee Hee!!

26 Snapchats From Your Dog lol omgeee this would be my dog

A Dog Catching Chicken Nugget...the longer you look the funnier it gets

"Not what I meant when I said “sit.” | 29 Dogs Who Forgot How To Dog" This is how Max sits

This is too funny

Labradoodle puppy!

A duck-billed protective muzzle for dogs. May as well look hysterical if you can't play nice in the park. HILARIOUS!!!

And your lil dogs too. | Pandas Are The Most Magical CreaturesEver

I think we can all agree that this pug is fabulous.

Funny funny.