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    • Hannah Entrekin

      Garden swing in mist.

    • Stephanie Ulrich

      tree swing in grassy mist

    • Paige Chinellato

      Outdoor tree swing

    • Rhonda Cates

      When I was a little girl alone in my little world I dreamed of a home with white picket fences and children and a man who cherished me. I would sneak out early in the morning before the sun came up and sway back and forth on the swing and pretend I would live happily ever after. I miss that feeling of being in love and having someone to be part of me. Maybe I should hang a swing in my back yard.

    • Joan Jackson-Gares

      This reminds me of the dewy Saturday mornings at my grandmom's house. Spent a lot of time on that wooden swing in the backyard staring at weeping willow trees. I miss it so...... Simpler times <3

    • Andrea Malone

      A backyard swing at my dream house. I want to swing here.

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