10 compliments your kids need to hear: Children look to their moms for encouragement. Compliments go a long way in giving our kids the boost they need. 1. Compliment their character. We live in a world where integrity is neither consistently taught nor widely expected. When our children demonstrate honesty, kindness, trustworthiness and reliability, that’s a great time to take them aside and offer a sincere compliment. 2. Compliment obedience and respect. It’s too ea...

So how do you develop a close relationship with your daughter? How do you get to know her heart? Here's how! FREE Printable: 21 Questions Your Daughter Needs You to Ask Her

Positive Parents: Consequences That Teach

Do you have to ask your child numerous times to do something? Learn how to use two powerful parenting tools to help get the outcome you want.

20 Questions to ask your children when you're putting them to bed to help develop your relationship * Great questions!

parent by personality type, interesting

How to Discipline Your Child: Effective Consequences for Children Who Don't Listen - "You can’t punish a kid into better behavior. So while it’s certainly tempting, taking everything away from your child is unlikely to be effective." Learn some parenting techniques that might actually work from Megan Devine, LCPC. For more Pins on parenting difficult kids, see: http://www.pinterest.com/addfreesources/difficult-children-of-all-ages-adhd-odd-cd-and-asp/

They're simple. You and I do them every day - - but this after school checklist will helpfully remind my kids what needs to be done when they walk in the door from a long day at the "office".

The How To Mom: how to fix your child's attitude

EIGHTEEN WAYS TO AVOID POWER STRUGGLES--really great advice as I definately have a strong willed child

These are so good, especially the first one! http://lifeasmama.com/10-brilliant-ideas-to-motivate-your-children-to-do-chores/

Toddlers 21 Creative Consequences

100 Ways to be Kind to your Child -- these are things I try to do daily, but sometimes it's a good idea to remind myself.

A reminder that kids can do more.

I love you too much to let you behave like that... #Parenting

30 Ways to Raise Confident Kids -- I love the "Don't Embarrass", "Manners", "Hard Work" and "Pick Good Friends" points. There are some good ideas here .

things to teach your kids before their first date. i especially loved the boy list. wish more parents of boys would teach them these things.

Games for children that encourage the habit of listening

The Educators' Spin On It: Raising a Strong Willed Child

10 Ways to Stop Tantrums and Anger