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    In theory, Facebook could be the greatest tool in the history of human civilization. In practice, for now, it's great for sharing stuff from the internet. But what happens when Facebook makes i...

    "Giving it to the cleaners...."

    • Mary Hoffmann

      i know these aren't fair pictures in general terms, but you can't argue that mitt is an entitled rich person and obama has struggled to get where he is and is way more in touch with the majority of americans.

    • Ian

      Mitt Romney is so rich... if you think, if elected president, he would represent you, you are mistaken. Unless you happen to be one of the 1%, that is...

    • Paroxumos

      Description: Viral image Circulating since: Jan. 2012 Status: Misconstrued Analysis: While the photos are real, however, their implied message is undercut by one simple fact: a closer look at the photo of Romney reveals he's undergoing a pre-flight security screening, not having his shoes shined. It was taken at the San Diego Airport just before Romney boarded a plane to Denver for a campaign event on Feb. 1, 2008.

    • Lauren Thompson

      The Difference Between Barack Obama And Mitt Romney In One Graphic

    • Edward Lynn

      Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words...

    • Caity Kelley

      The difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

    • To The Teeth

      The difference between Romney and President Obama

    • Tasha Marie

      Just funny. I don't feel deeply about it lol..

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    A People's Platform for the Democratic Party - we propose six more planks for a People’s Platform—one grounded in current activism and animated by the belief that the party must define itself in a more boldly progressive direction.

    We thought this was settled nearly 50 years ago but, since women's rights are back in the public arena, this topic is part of Campaign 2012.

    It should at least be as difficult to have a gun as it is to have a driver's license.


    I know o might have been late to do so. But I can't lie anymore. Even though I love you as a brother, I can't hide the truth anymore. It's killing me. And now you call me such harsh things. I never called you anything. Only was honest to one. Only one, that you hurt me. I never meant for you to find out. But life hates me.


    .Determination - quote- motivational - inspiring - daily quote - inspirational quotes - motivate - life lessons - truth - life

    I'm pro choice simply because the quality of life a child will have after birth is way more important to me. They can't choose their parents but we can choose when we're ready to be parents.

    Will. Always. Fight.

    lobbyists or their companies money!?!

    Morality vs. religion.

    I love how the term used for women who would be a shoe-in for "the bad girls club" is now used for women who aren't sweet and soft spoken all the time. You pounce on my family, my faith or something that I believe STRONGLY on the contrary- you'll see my inner beast.


    “I call myself a feminist. Isn’t that what you call someone who fights for women’s rights?” —the Dalai Lama XIV


    This is so true!