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  • Paulo Lleno

    PUP Confessions' photo quote "A person who is nice to you but is not nice to the waiter is not a nice person." #beware #fact

  • Amanda Rhodes

    TRUE STORY. remember this, people! always be nice to your waiters!

  • Kathleen Murphy

    So so true! Pay attention to how people treat others, not just how they treat you.

  • Irma Vanta

    so true. a real nice person is generally nice to everyone with some situational exceptions of course. and being nice is more of a rule than an exception. :)

  • Jen Barilla

    Ohhhhhh so true!!! true colors.

  • Cathy Budjenska...

    I LOVE THIS !!!!!! This is so true and probably one of my biggest pet peeves. <--also if they're not nice to your family, your friends.. they are NOT a nice person for you. CB

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Yes, some people really do suck. Why invite them into YOUR precious life? God gives us a finite number of days above ground. Why pollute a single second/minute/hour/day/year with a sucky person? If they were the tray that raw chicken comes in, how long could you stand to leave it in your kitchen trash? Time to kick those stinky peeps to the curb trash can for pick up, baby!

Tact: means careful use of words when pointing something negative out about something or someone

Tact - if only we could be better at this. Teaching TACT at this level is possible and should be done.

@Lauren Whitehurst, just keep finding em today. . . just thought while we are both at the edge and throwing over all the people that bring nothing but drama and stress into our lives, we could use a little literary support for doing so ;)

we need to be more aware and have compassion. everyone has their struggles that most people don't even know anything about.

All you need in this life are ignorance & confidence and then SUCCESS! Ashley Garrett Sarah Early Courtney Laine

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I would like to make a card out of this and send it to all the teachers that told me daydreaming would get me nowhere.

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