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    That's twice he's worn a cowboy hat because he knew he was about to die.

    Every time I watch this scene I nearly die of laughter XD

    XD dying

    Someone dies... what do you do? Poke them of course!

    The Doctor quoted Mary Poppins in "The Idiot's Lantern" by Mark Gatiss!! *Add to list of awesome things I never knew I didn't know!

    I love how Rose knew him well enough to say this.

    You go, girl! You made Captain Jack proud...and THATS saying something...>>> Omgosh I just died

    Awkward Silence... I die.

    On other days Rory comes home from the store and has to quietly flip the "Days Since Last Death" sign back to zero. --- OHMYGOSH THAT COMMENT. I'M DYING.

    die looking like a Peruvian folk band...

    Doctor Who Funny | Funny Doctor Who pictures... - Page 8

    Oh, Rory. You know, apparently he dies 9 times. That means he's died almost as much as the Doctor has.

    I can completely relate. XD (well.. not with the dying part.. bahaha)

    Only one problem with this, and it starts in line 2: "Captain Jack cannot die." THE FACE OF BOE DIES IN GRIDLOCK.


    Interestingly, Rose knew things by instinct and River knew them by experience.

    Whether or not you like DT, this scene was traumatizing. And if you don't like DT, you're wrong. (truth) (also, to quote The Princess Bride..."I DIED that day!" Oh the feels!)

    Doctor Who meets Soft Kitty! heeeehee

    Neither of you are ever allowed to die. I forbid you both!

    Support group for the Doctor Who companions that Moffat likes to see die