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Just to make sure you could pronounce all the words lol

Counting people in class to figure out which paragraph you would have to read aloud.and then practice it a head of time!

I pity the children of today.

The Magic Schoolbus, Arthur, Wishbone, and Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Miss. Viola Swamp.. The Meanest Substitute Teacher. Remember Miss.Nelson is missing?

The Meanest Substitute Teacher. Miss Nelson Is Missing. My favorite storybook character.

Girl Talk Board Game I totally had this version too, but no friends to play it with :(

Girl Talk game with zit stickers. - I had this and played it all of the time!

I remember these!

Got one of these fiber optic flash lights every time we went to the circus or fair.

Yep, never dared try them cause I didnt like listerine.

Oh man i was just talking about these nasty thing at work yesterday

Who remembers this glorious liquid?

Who remembers this glorious liquid?

Amoxicillin "the pink bubble gum flavor". Also known as "Icky Pink Medicine". I hated this stuff so bad when I was little. It tasted so horrible it made me gag.