Has some very cute baby picture ideas!

a baby wearing cousin eddie's hat from 'christmas vacation' and maverick's shades from 'top gun' sitting in a bucket. these parents should be incarcerated.

Too cute except it bothers me a little that he is sitting in the street with no pants...guess they checked for rocks first lol

"Little cowboy wearing his hat, but he'll have to grow a little to grow into them boots!


Baby Boy - San Jose Newborn Photographer - LOVE the idea with the wedding rings with the baby

10 Cute Easter Photo Ideas for Baby

10 Cute Easter Photo Ideas for Baby

Baby in Jelly Beans. The infant can sit in this big jar and then filled it with jelly beans. The best time to get this shot is to put one jelly bean into its mouth. Make sure that your baby is old enough to eat it.

christmas baby photography ideas - Google Search

10 Christmas Light Picture Ideas - Christmas Picture Ideas

Fake baby pose with cute #shamrock hat.  I dislike fake #baby photos but this is cute!

happy st pattys day What do ya think alex? Will she be here before St paddys day?