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Okay, this was too cool not to pin #funny #gag #lol #funnyimages Heather Massey Anderson Geeks

I love that Will Smith insists on showing affection to his childern in public. He may be an emancipated teenager with a rap/acting career, but his daddy is going to kiss him whenever he wants!

What I love most about our friendship is that it's based soley on innapropriate conversations that no sane person should have. Ever.

For the crush, you are really starting to interfere with my being single. :P

Funny Breakup Ecard: There's a reason why people are single. Single people are just too awesome to date anyone. Cheers.

Hahaha yess -- Shanira Sanchez Delilah Quintana Stephanie Perez

made me feel a tad bit better about being single forever

Taking my fondness for men in uniform to a whole new level. THIS IS MOST EXCELLENT.

You better remember there will never be someone I think is good enough for you

Dropping the Science: Why You Gotta Be Like That, Toady?