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  • Aspen Mountjoy

    a ChowChow dyed to look like a Panda Bear. I really wonder what they put that dog through to do this, especially around the eyes!

  • Ann Poloski

    Panda Dogs - A grooming trick that dyes the dog to look like a Panda Bear

  • Caley_Brown1

    Chow chow panda dogs

  • Rachelle Young

    PandaDog (chow chow puppy)

  • Joe Calderone

    A dog is painted as a baby giant panda during the launch of a new pet park at Dahe Mincui Park on June 5, 2010 in Zhengzhou, Henan Province of China.

  • Amanda Breeden

    panda dog !! I ALWAYS wanted a baby panda! :)

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Lol so true, & if not, you're not someone awesome enough to be my friend. I agree with Natalie Brown I want to hang this up in my house. :)

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Snowball Puppy! Totally worth it! This makes me laugh, because it happens to my puppy all the time, too.

MOM...he's sitting on me again!! this reminds me of moosie and remy! haha here to find out more

Red Panda- had to look up... Real animal, but not related to pandas, lol Looks like a fat fox on a bears body

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