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    Central Vacuum System - Automatic Dustpan. Sweep the dirt near the dustpan and it sucks it up!

    Baseboard vacuum for central vacuum system

    Awesome dream house ideas...faves are the vacuum baseboards and that amazing treehouse with patio for kids and adults!


    House of Your Dreams This is the house of my dreams, how great does this look!! More photos on the blog www.barbiebiebera...

    Round windows

    Love this home exterior

    The Veda House Blog

    HowStuffWorks "How Central Vacuum Systems Work"

    22 Unique Flooring Ideas For Any Room | Articles & Advice from Service Central

    central vacuum - 10 things to put in your house

    I can't find a single thing on here that I don't want! Not even the water side! I hate tube slides but having my own one from my room would be awesome!

    Duh!!!!! After all of the frustration with the lame suction cup hangers ... Shower Rod against back wall with wire hanging baskets for tub toy storage. smart

    this is amazing

    MD Manufacturing - VacPan and VacPan II for Central Vacuum Installation

    Such a neat site-- you can totally customize your dream house and see how much it would be to build.

    Love the symmetry!

    dryer sheet keeps baseboards clean - not only wipes dust away but leaves a coating that deters dust!

    Well, duh! This makes so much more sense!

    Wow. If I had a house this big, I would either have a bunch of kids or adopt a bunch of kids to fill the house up. I would never want to have a house this big for just myself or myself and a spouse.