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hahah this is so true for me. My house and room are usually clean when people aren't hear and then its messy when they are.

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For the front door. And the back door. And all doors within. I must hang this in my house!

"I can't tell who annoys who more"   - the quote from my best friend and future maid of honor.

inspiration: fortune cookie: "Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life.

. If you're having a really good night, it's usually a late night. You can sleep when you're dead.   I say these things. No time for sleep

No One Looks Back At Their Life And Rembers Poster

I'm singing this in my head as I type. My favorite childhood song passed down from generation to generation. Thanks mom for finding this!    My grandma and my mom always sang this to me, I sang it to my children and grandchildren and now my grandchildren singit to me. What a sweet tradition it has become.

I love you a bushel and a peck.a bushel and a peck and hug around the neck.and a barrel and a heap!

I do love the kiddos in my life beyond words but this is dedicated to my sister Lauren who is crazy in love with our little Mackenzie Lyn!!!

My nieces and nephews are all married now.so I have to start being the crazy aunt for the great-nieces and great-nephews when they bring their significant others home for the first time!

Thomas S. Monson LDS Mormon Laundry Room Wall Decal Quote

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My husband's wife is freakin' AWESOME! This is so true! Every wife should have this pinned. Cursing Mama says, "Sometimes the truth is awesome!

this is what I tell those kids ALL THE TIME. They know it so well all I have to say is the 1st part and they can repeat the second.

One of my teacher friends has taught her students a wonderful life lesson with this little phrase. Her kids know not to fuss over insignificant things in the classroom.