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  • Linda Seccaspina

    What Do You Do if You Just Can't Walk Right In? - Zoomer

  • Danielle DeLisle

    Dan's Leg Brace

  • Patrick Clare

    OLD POLIO LEG BRACES - If I ever needed a leg brace, I would insist on one of these. I love the exposed metal. I wanted to plaster the house with pictures of people in polio braces and Greg seems to think it is in poor taste.

  • Tina Kelly

    Full leg brace---Wearing a full leg brace was hell on my clothes. The knee joint has sharp points that stick out when the leg is bent. The knees on my pants wore out first. The area on the back of the leg where it rubs on surfaces as you sit went next.

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Vintage Leg Braces Polio Medical Device. This is a pair of leg braces made from leather and aluminum probably from the 1930s. They are in great condition for their age, the leather is not rotten and the metal is unscathed. They stand 28" tall and are 7" at the widest point. The shoes measure 9" from tip to heel.

Little girl with leg braces for polio. Polio used to put fear in our hearts until Salk invented a vaccine.

SALE - Antique Possibly Victorian Leg Brace - Leather Cuff - Amazing Shoe. $140.00, via Etsy.

crutches, leg brace, short leg

Leg Braces----I started wearing a brace like this on my good leg when I came down with Post-Polio Syndrome.

egle cekanaviciute leg brace moldable plastic / stainless steel / leather---This is a model of the first plastic brace. A build up was put on a shoe most of the time, because polio would sometimes stunt the growth of just one leg.

Vintage Childs Leg Brace Great Condition. $165.00, via Etsy.---My last brace cost almost as much as a second car.

Vintage Antique Science Medical Leg Braces----You can tell that this is a child's long leg brace.

FDR's Wheel Chair and Leg Braces