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    Full leg brace

    3y Saved to Polio
    • Tina Kelly

      Full leg brace---Wearing a full leg brace was hell on my clothes. The knee joint has sharp points that stick out when the leg is bent. The knees on my pants wore out first. The area on the back of the leg where it rubs on surfaces as you sit went next.

    • Patrick Clare

      OLD POLIO LEG BRACES - If I ever needed a leg brace, I would insist on one of these. I love the exposed metal. I wanted to plaster the house with pictures of people in polio braces and Greg seems to think it is in poor taste.

    • Ryan "ZOMBIE BC" McMurry

      FLOG leg brace reference

    • Danielle DeLisle

      Dan's Leg Brace

    • Mary Collier

      Full leg brace

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    vintage leg braces

    Leg Braces----I started wearing a brace like this on my good leg when I came down with Post-Polio Syndrome.

    Iron and steel polio brace for a woman late 1800's----The knee joint is not much different in the brace I wear today.

    Antique Childs Polio Leg Brace Leather Medical Oddity Poliomyelitis | eBay

    A boy with cerebral palsy learns how to use leg braces with the help of a visiting nurse about 1960. See more pictures at didn't have physical therpy until I learned to walk on crutches. I learned how to walk on crutches at five or six.

    Antique Bilateral Polio Braces by aMedicineShow on Etsy, $465.00----This is what my brace looked like as a child. The pad on the knee would wear out first. The leather was so hot during the summer.

    Vintage Child Leg Braces Medical Device Polio Medicine Metal Leather Baby Shoes | | Rare Horror Auctions and Collectibles

    Antique Polio Brace by justonefix on Etsy, $120.00----These are the brown high top shoes I had to wear until I was eighteen. I hated these shoes, the color would rub off at the toe. If you wanted them to look nice you had to polish them. The sole would wear down to paper thin, no protection from rain or heavy dew. To walk on a wet floor was a sure bet you would fall with these shoes. The ankle joint had to be oil frequently, see this one is rusted.

    Many of our photo archives show these vintage child leg braces from when we used to host a telethon. It's amazing how much they have changed!---These are the brown high top boot like shoes I wore. I hated them.

    Antique childs polio brace and shoe

    Boot attached to leg brace by jlbazar, via Flickr

    Polio braces

    ORTHOPEDICS: Long steel splint. 1075 long steel bar, capable of being lengthened or shortened, extending from the waistband to a point just below the sole of the shoe. Two perineal straps are attached to the waistband upon which the patient sits instead of stepping on the foot of the diseased side. The lower end of the brace is attached to the leg by means of adhesive straps . . .

    And so it starts, Nadja in leg brace by Helmut Newton for VOGUE 1995

    Antique prosthetic arms------When I was little I had to go to Crippled Children every three months. I saw all kinds of wheel chairs and braces.

    Children's leg braces

    Example of leg brace and raised shoe

    Braces for a child with spinal Cerebral Palsy, from August Schreiber’s General and Special Orthopedic Surgery, with the inclusion of orthopedic operations, 1888

    Just discovered she was marketed to encourage little girls with polio during the epidemic in the early 1950s…gives a whole other meaning to the crutches and the leg brace. Marybel could also be decorated with spots for measles and chickenpox and also had an extra splint for a broken arm with Johnson sticking plaster to bind up the splint. Quite a doll….