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Photo of rows of people using the iron lung

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Children's leg braces

Boot attached to leg brace by jlbazar, via Flickr

Sister Elizabeth Kenny. Australian Nurse. Came up with a different treatment for Polio Victims and changed medical history.

Vintage Antique Science Medical Leg Braces

Fearing Polio in 1952. My Aunt had polio and as a result she had withered legs all her life, but she could walk and became a nurse as a young woman.

Martha Mason spent over 60 years in an iron lung after contracting polio at 11 years of age in September 1939. It didn't, however, stop her from living her life. She graduated from high school and college at the top of her class. In 2003, she wrote her memoir titled, "Breathe". She died in her sleep in 2009.

Antique Childs Polio Leg Brace Leather Medical Oddity Poliomyelitis | eBay

Iron lungs sit unused in an abandoned state hospital somewhere in the US. There are a handful of people left in the US who these machines, and now no company will provide parts or service for them. Yet these sit here, and probably still work. http://www.pprg.org/index.php?option=com_content=article=76%3Airon-lung-crisis=35%3Aresource-articles=58

Many of our photo archives show these vintage child leg braces from when we used to host a telethon. It's amazing how much they have changed!---These are the brown high top boot like shoes I wore. I hated them.

In memory of Polio

Sister Kenny polio treatment system, used warm moist wraps and joint manipulation.

The barbaric Chinese Foot Binding. This practice -starting in the 10th century- stunts young girls' foot growth via bone breaking and constant wrap casts. Tiny dainty feet symbolize beauty and prestige. Women suffer unimaginable torture and retardation at the "hands" of an oppressive male culture hoping to marry into a better life. Click for an accurate description of how a normal foot is turned to this:

Polio braces

Franklin D. Roosevelt at Hyde Park in a Wheelchair Photograph, 1941 -- One of the few pictures showing FDR in his wheelchair. He survived polio during the 1920s.

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Woman worker -- What a great expression! Grinding a machined part at Curtiss-Wright plant, St. Louis, 1943-44. Photograph by F. Dale Smith, now in Missouri History Museum

Vintage Leg Braces Polio Medical Device. This is a pair of leg braces made from leather and aluminum probably from the 1930s. They are in great condition for their age, the leather is not rotten and the metal is unscathed. They stand 28" tall and are 7" at the widest point. The shoes measure 9" from tip to heel.