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Vintage Leg Braces Polio Medical Device. This is a pair of leg braces made from leather and aluminum probably from the 1930s. They are in great condition for their age, the leather is not rotten and the metal is unscathed. They stand 28" tall and are 7" at the widest point. The shoes measure 9" from tip to heel.

  • Karl Kalhoun

    It is hard to imagine what it would have been like as a four year old child to be presented with these for the first time. I rember being taken to a brace shop for "some" reason but soon left after Dad met with a man in a white coat. Several strange "coincidences" have led me to believe Dad said "No" to what the doctor ordered. One of thoes "coincidences" was changing doctor because "He wanted something we did not want to do" as the reason I was told later.

  • Maggie Koseki

    I had a pair of these and I hated it. But it was the only way I could walk.

  • Karl Kalhoun

    Thanks for sharing Maggie Koseki. I had been sick and had to stay in bed but have no idea as to how long it was. I was able to walk but did a lot of crawling as my preferred method of locomotion. In Kindergarten, I played on the floor easily but taken to the hallway and taught how to skip. I tripped and fell easily making me the last one chosen for a team activity. It must have been a love to walk and hate having to wear. Maybe "Father Knows Best" was more than a sitcom.

  • Rita Morgan

    I have two pairs one white and one black

Iron and steel polio brace for a woman late 1800's----The knee joint is not much different in the brace I wear today.

braces - in the days before the Salk vaccine for polio---This looks like the brace I wore except I had another strap that went below the knee and high top shoes.

Antique Polio Brace by justonefix on Etsy, $120.00----These are the brown high top shoes I had to wear until I was eighteen. I hated these shoes, the color would rub off at the toe. If you wanted them to look nice you had to polish them. The sole would wear down to paper thin, no protection from rain or heavy dew. To walk on a wet floor was a sure bet you would fall with these shoes. The ankle joint had to be oil frequently, see this one is rusted.

Antique childs polio brace and shoe. Wow...My Mom got polio back in the 30s and she wore this :(

Child’s polio braces - just struck me as interesting---Here are my ugly brown shoes I had to wear with my brace.

Little girl with leg braces for polio. A classmate just like this cute girl.....Had to Leave School to go into an Iron Lung.

  • Sharon Gonzales

    My bestest friend from First grade had all this "stuff". Used to pump her on my ll over the place. Still, we're good friends!

  • Karl Kalhoun

    I can only imagine as to what it must have been like as a child to grow up wearing braces. I recently found out my legs had been paralyzed for a time when I was a toddler. I remember being sick in bed with a painful stiff neck but never realized my legs were involved. I crawled on the floor most of the time until I was about her age.

  • Sharon Gonzales

    Thanks, for sharing, Karl. My friend will be 65 this year...still inspiring everyone! ;-)

  • Karl Kalhoun

    Sharron - I think the both of you were very lucky to have held onto a friendship for so many years. I have few contacts and aquaintantces from high school as most have disappeared into the present. I bet there are many cherrished memories between the both of you.

  • Yvon Lebras

    We are indeed lucky to live in a time where polio poses little to no threat to most of the world. There are definitly pleanty of disises and other ailments, but I think we can all say that things have improved over time.

Metal leg braces for child; Tuberculosis Hospital, USA

A boy with cerebral palsy learns how to use leg braces with the help of a visiting nurse about 1960. See more pictures at

Antique Bilateral Polio Braces by aMedicineShow on Etsy, $465.00----This is what my brace looked like as a child. The pad on the knee would wear out first. The leather was so hot during the summer.

  • Karl Kalhoun

    I wonder if this is what was prescribed for me when my Father refused to have me treated on the visit to the brace shop - the doctor was "fired" by my parents soon after the visit for wanting something they did not want.

Braces for a child with spinal Cerebral Palsy, from August Schreiber’s General and Special Orthopedic Surgery, with the inclusion of orthopedic operations, 1888

egle cekanaviciute leg brace moldable plastic / stainless steel / leather---This is a model of the first plastic brace. A build up was put on a shoe most of the time, because polio would sometimes stunt the growth of just one leg.