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Vintage Leg Braces Polio Medical Device. This is a pair of leg braces made from leather and aluminum probably from the 1930s. They are in great condition for their age, the leather is not rotten and the metal is unscathed. They stand 28" tall and are 7" at the widest point. The shoes measure 9" from tip to heel.

Iron and steel polio brace for a woman late 1800's----The knee joint is not much different in the brace I wear today.

braces - in the days before the Salk vaccine for polio---This looks like the brace I wore except I had another strap that went below the knee and high top shoes.

Antique Polio Brace by justonefix on Etsy, $120.00----These are the brown high top shoes I had to wear until I was eighteen. I hated these shoes, the color would rub off at the toe. If you wanted them to look nice you had to polish them. The sole would wear down to paper thin, no protection from rain or heavy dew. To walk on a wet floor was a sure bet you would fall with these shoes. The ankle joint had to be oil frequently, see this one is rusted.

SALE - Antique Possibly Victorian Leg Brace - Leather Cuff - Amazing Shoe. $140.00, via Etsy.

Child’s polio braces - just struck me as interesting---Here are my ugly brown shoes I had to wear with my brace.

This is a childs leg brace, my guess is from the 1970's. It has leather straps and stride rite shoes attached to it. This thing is creepy and cool all at the same time! It would make a great prop for a play, you could use it for a Halloween costume, you could even decorate with it if you are into that!

Antique childs polio brace and shoe. Wow...My Mom got polio back in the 30s and she wore this :(

Little girl with leg braces for polio. A classmate just like this cute girl.....Had to Leave School to go into an Iron Lung.

A boy with cerebral palsy learns how to use leg braces with the help of a visiting nurse about 1960. See more pictures at

Antique Bilateral Polio Braces by aMedicineShow on Etsy, $465.00----This is what my brace looked like as a child. The pad on the knee would wear out first. The leather was so hot during the summer.