• Jessica Diaz

    On my movies to watch list - depicts every aspect of the long distance relationship perfectly. I miss you like crazy.

  • Mary Curitn

    Like Crazy Trailer - A new poster for director Drake Doremus' upcoming romantic drama starring Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence has also arrived.

  • Sarah Schamp

    The thing I love about movies like, "Like Crazy" is how 'real' they are. I loved the ending to this because its open. It doesn't have a happy ever after- its left in the air. Which is how life is- we don't know what we're going to do just that second.

  • David Harnadi

    one of very few romance films that focuses more on the realism rather than putting too much sugar. "Like Crazy" is an organic expression of love and human relationships. just add more shaky handheld shots and the recorder, and it would've become another found-footage mockumentary. fortunately the filmmaker is wise enough not to have that idea in mind.

  • Bonnie Wells

    1/365 - Like Crazy: The only reason I watched this movie was because it has Jennifer Lawrence in it. Unfortunately, she isn't in it much and it wasn't a good movie. The filming was odd, (but indie-esque so okay), the two main characters were no, the editing was bad, and the plot was boring. Just not a good film, sorry Jen. 2/5

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