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Abraxas, woodcut. Carl Jung stated, in Seven Sermons to the Dead, that Abraxas is an important figure. The driving force of individuation (synthesis, maturity, oneness), referred with the figures for the driving forces of differentiation (emergence of consciousness and opposites), Helios God-the-Sun, and the Devil. Abraxas is activity; Life & death at the same time – like Yin & Yang incorporated.


Vintage silver omega half skeleton skull bones masonic pocket wrist watch swiss

Vintage Silver Omega Half Skeleton Skull & Bones Masonic Pocket Wrist Watch

In the late 18th century the exciting new, ‘science’ phrenology explained that the shape of the skull could identify a person’s moral and intellectual qualities. Head feeling became big and even Queen Victoria had her children's heads ‘read’. It said the brain had 26 organs that would wither if they weren’t used and grow if they were and the skull shape responded to changes size.