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  • Olivia Batten

    Personally I think Olympian fans were disappointed at the first movie. I mean everything was wrong about it. But after I saw the trailer for Sea of Monsters, I am super excited!!

  • Luthien Tinuviel

    Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase

  • Sarah Smith

    filming the Sea of Monsters! ugh it's still a year away :P

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I don't think that Logan Lerman is nearly sassy enough to be percy...

You're always better, book. Always. Lydia Squire!!

Percy-*enunciating* Her name. Grover- Annabeth Chase daughter of Athena goddess of wisdom.

Percy Jackson Series - my kids got me into it! I'm "audio" reading it. I'm now reading the 2nd book, Sea Monsters.

Ready The Book, Watch The Movie, Get Annoyed With The Movie".

"No, it's her." HAHA PERCY>>>> I know the PJO movies are nothing at all like the book but for movies they are pretty awsome!

To the tune of "mine" by Taylor Swift.... "Do you remember all the fireworks on the water? I saw you start to believe, for the first time. I fell in love with a careless mans careful daughter. She is the best thing that's ever been mine". Sings Percy to Annabeth ♥

Percy and Annabeth (aka my favorite couple to read about EVER, adventure romance is the best).

It seems Percy often end up in situations like this. It's usually funny, it's also one of the main points in the book. What your family does doesn't necessarily define you, but it will still always be a part of you. Like Hermes says, family's messy, but you have to try to keep the killing and maiming to a minimum.

eighthsun: "They swam off, but I could tell they went reluctantly. I swear I understood their intentions. They were about to start rumors f...

The real Percabeth. (I'm sorry, but I can't stand the movie Annabeth. At all. I love Annabeth in the books and I can't even watch the movies, it makes me too angry.)