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Please enjoy my openness and my inability to be fake. (But appreciate my attempts at being tactful.)

waiting for the guy who says this about me, and I won't settle for anything less!

We can't wait to get a pet together in the future and I hope we get one that we both equally love :)

You: Is that my sweater? Me: Nooo... You: Lol. You're right, i guess it's yours now.

Watch all of the old shitty Godzilla movies with me at the Comic Book store.

There are plenty of players out there. I want a guy who's different. Show me that you are. :)

Falling in love was on my bucket list. {Recently checked that one off and there are so many things I want to do with my special someone} Great ideas for date night.

I love it when every once and awhile he surprises me and cooks for me instead of me cooking. Makes that night an extra special one :)

We do this all the time and i think we have one of the biggest board game collections, its such a fun thing to do together and with friends and makes for some lasting memories :)

we have done this so many times weither it be at our favorite beach in south carolina or be at our beach at home at lake latonka, its one of my favorite things to do with him :)