no more running and pushing in line!

Quiet writing time with fun music was one of the MOST peaceful times in my classroom this year.

A bunch of ways to use floor tape in your classroom- wow- I didn't realize how awesome this stuff was! Pin now- get later!!

FREE Call Backs (Attention Getters) for the primary classroom

This idea is so smart and simple, I'm ashamed I didn't come up with it first. =] "This is one of my FAVORITE classroom management tools!! It can be soooo time consuming to answer the questions...Can we use markers?, Do we turn this in?, Is this a talking activity? I love using these assignment choice signs to answer those questions without me doing the work. Once I give directions for an activity, I quickly place checks and X's by the cards and my students know exactly where to look for t...

Instead of "I can't"... Need this in my classroom!

Family Tree for Classroom...what a great idea!

Teacher Big Book - cute idea! I think I'll have to do this for my class this year. You have to look at her example. It's really great!

laminate construction paper and apply lined paper with dry erase contact paper. LOVE this idea

for classroom clock

great idea!

Apps For Classroom Management Too Noisy Meter, Name Selector, Group Creator!

Classroom set-up images galore!!!

School Is a Happy Place: A Peek Inside My Class and Two Freebies for Yours

A Teeny Tiny Teacher: I Don't Use a Clip Chart. Please Don't Throw Rotten Tomatoes. I like the clothes peg system

Hands are labeled with things that can be donated to the classroom by parents. Great idea for open house.

The Third Grade Learning Spot: Classroom Set Up 2013

cute idea!

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Must use these classroom management ideas!