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  • Christina

    I don't wanna taco 'bout it, because it’s nacho business.

  • Sylvia Silvia

    I dont wanna taco bout it love love quotes quotes quote girl quotes instagram instagram quotes

  • Bianca Pacheco

    LOL funny haha hilarious meme memes humor comic jokes funny meme laugh joke comics laughs funny posts funny picture Funny stuff funny memes funny post funny pictures funny comic funny joke funny blog funny jokes funny blogs funny comics piciture

  • Alyssa Seidl

    Bad puns, why do they make me giggle?!

  • Jessica Rowe

    aww mr. taco is sad :(

  • Emily Crafter

    I don't wanna taco 'bout it pun

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I don't think I wanna taco bout it. Love that little jalapeño! ❤

I laughed way too hard at this.

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WHY am i laughing at this? I don't know. But I am. its kinda hilarious haha @Mandy Perkinson

I don’t think you thought it through …

This happens like every other week at my house >:( Looks just like my little culprit too!!! This is why I can't have carpet LOL.

hahahaha sad but true for many of us! | via SparkPeople #humor #funnies

Awesome...part of me wants to try this, but I feel like I would get caught lol :D