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Navigation basics: map and compass

Outdoor Living skills: Summer Camp Guide. Instructables (step by step instructions made by everyday people)

Using a Compass - The Basics

navigation with map & compass

Navigating without a map in the jungle

Some basics on how to read a topographic map

Compass basics, tips for newbies.

Backcountry Search and Rescue : Land Nav. I found this interesting, great to add to basic land navigation skills.

Navigation for Survival

Navigating Without A Compass - Guide For Prepping and Surviving

Land navigation and map reading

Land Navigation – Distance and Direction | Survival Magazine - Preparedness - Homesteading - SHTF - Survival kits

Hypothermia Infographic shtf,preparedness

Land Navigation – Introduction To Maps Part 2 | Survival Magazine - Preparedness - Homesteading - SHTF - Survival kits

Navigating Without a Compass - Part 2 | Brian's Backpacking Blog

Long Match | Survival Magazine - Preparedness - Homesteading - Survival kits

Basic survival skills

Video: Make a portable privy or 'How to do number two' in the woods | Survival Common Sense: tips and how-to guide for emergency preparedness and survival

Knowing how to find the North Star in the northern hemisphere is definitely one of the most basic navigational skills that everyone should know - being lost in the wilderness without a compass is not the time to be trying to figure out where the North Star is.

SNAKE I.D. | This doesn't work for every single snake but it's a good basic guide | #survival #snakes

Does your twelve year old know these basic life skills? It's about time that he or she did (and frankly - all of us!) // Mom with a PREP