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"For so long all I wanted was to be like other people; to feel what they felt. But now that I do, I just want it to stop." Dexter

LaGuerta and Morgan-- oh the irony.

Love Michael C. Hall from his days on my favorite show of all time "6 Feet Under"

!!! I had this shirt... wish I could find it again. I had this shirt when I had never watched dexter.. Never understood the true meaning of Power Saw to the people until now.. :o

Dexter, and if you like the TV show... the book is better (darkly dreaming dexter).... of course...

Dexter, my boy. Going to miss all of you castmates, you were just like family for 8 seasons....good luck!!

Dexter - Samen met zijn 'dark passenger' pakt deze 'blood spatter analyst' degene die door de mazen van de wet kruipen.

For whatever reason, I am addicted to watching this show about a serial killer. #dexterlove

I Heart Dexter Patch – #Dexter Patch Size – 1.5″ Tall by 4″ Wide. Patch Style – Embroidered Iron On $7.99

Dexter - loved this entire series, all up till the last episode.. smh