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Collected Kisses Hairpiece

Forever 21 Floppy Wide-Brim Straw Hat featuring polyvore, fashion, accessories, hats, brimmed hat, wide brim sun hat, wide brim hat, sun hat and beach hat

Top off your new outfit with the perfect hat to match. Browse women's hats from Forever 21 and find caps, beanies, fedoras, and more.

Summer Straw Hat Styling by Honestly WTF

There are 5 tips to buy this hat: summer beach summer large beige sun extra large floppy swimwear big swimwear one piece swimsuit bikini style fashion sun black swimwear swimwear one-piece.

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Do you like freckles? As I was washing my face I wondered "How many people like freckles? Who likes freckles? I have freckles on my face (cheeks & nose).

10 Incredible Makeup Contour Transformations#photo=1#photo=1#photo=1

The power of highlight and contour. power of makeup.and if you can do makeup, consider yourself an artist, you don't have to be good with pencil/pen and paper.makeup is an art in itself

bought a fedora last night :) :) so excited to wear it

Smile & wear a fedora. It's a bit old school, but I love to wear them in super hot summers. A cool breeze is going through it and a big shade is provided for you.