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I love meeting new people and making new friends! It's nice to interact with people all different personalities and learn from them!

why do we close our eyes when we cry, kiss, pray and dream? Because the most beautiful things in life can't be seen- they must be felt by the heart :)

This is so true. I think it's more important to listen closely to what people, who call themselves your 'friends', don't say & do then what they actually do. Their true colors will shine thru if you just pay attention!!!

I know what I'm worth and i'm not afraid, I just dont like it. The way I see it you can be a lover or a fighter I feel I am both, I fight for what I love and believe in, and love what I fight for. Though some may choose to think different, I know I am worthy I am truly devoted to who truly loves me. And I would rather be alone then be around those who dont..