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  • Sarah Dickert

    mmm channing tatum likes me in sweatpants.

  • Ashley Karlen

    Hey girl, Did I tell you how freakin' sexy you look in sweat pants? Come here baby. I have a pony tail holder for your hair. - Channing Tatum // not Ryan Gosling but Ahhhh yes please! :)

  • Jessica McBride

    channing tatum love this man!

  • Melissa Gray

    Ohhh, Channing Tatum and Christian Grey... *drool*

  • Joanna Mrsich

    channing tatum... my future husband

  • Dominique Russell

    it's every girl's dream to hear those words from that man...even though i don't wear sweat pants but to bed lol

  • butternut

    channing tatum #channingtatum #magicmike

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