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  • Sarah Phillips

    Classroom Attention Grabbers, for my teacher friends, heck I could even use these at home when I need my kids attention

  • Danielle Greeley

    attention getters. Great Idea!!!

  • Lisa Cerros

    attention getters: live this as a poster so the teacher can say any of them and the kids will know how to respond.

  • Susan Fiasconaro

    Attention Getters - gonna try them * positive behavior management *

  • Taylor Balcke

    @Jess Liu Marie be prepared im spamming you with classroom ideas. a few attention getters - there are so many of these things! I use one per year - this year its "Shark Bait" and kids say "ooo ha ha" (from Finding Nemo) LOVE!

  • Ashley Mayzer

    Attention Getters. This is something that I really want to figure out what works best to get my class' attention and make them quiet down. All of these are fun ideas that I feel kids would be quick to pick up and enjoy saying to get back on task.

  • Karen Snyder

    attention getters for classroom management

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Call/ fun! I might try this for the upcoming year. Last year about did me in with trying to get their attention.

Attention grabbers ~ LOVE THIS!! I'm been in a few classrooms where they have unique was to get the kids attention. I think these are pretty cute ways, too. So..for my teacher friends, this is for you. :)

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I love using attention getters in my classroom, even 5th graders get a kick out of them and even suggest new ones! It works! :) Better than yelling to get their attention any day!

Attention Grabbers. To get the class' attention, The teacher says a certain phrase and students have a response to say back. Ex: teacher: "Hocus Pocus" Then students say: "Everybody focus" Or, T says: "Chicka Chicka" then students say "boom, boom".

I LOVE THIS! Attention Getters! A fun way to get students attention especially during transitions

Love this idea for students to show that they need help. They clip their clothespin to the sleeve and keep working.