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    11 in a nutshell.

    The scariest thing would be 'You Blinked'

    That awkward moment when the TARDIS isn't bigger on the inside. Doctor Who. This makes me sad :*(

    know this makes me a horrible person cause I loe rose just as much as the doctor but that face made me laugh soooooooooo hard!XD but BRING ROSE BACK!!! and gie that back to the doctor! he need it to be able to breath! get your hands of that DONNA!!!

    its a magical baby

    I love how 11 has no eyebrows but 9 and 10 do. XD

    GIF cannot express my amount of love!!

    This is so true.

    moisturize me

    Vintage Doctor Who Necklace; I remember my friend once bought me this... then the TARDIS fell off while I was wearing it outside and I never found it. o(╥﹏╥)o

    ♥ I love 11.

    Doctor Who quote battle. Hilarious @Sarah Chintomby

    This is it. This is why we love the show. He shows us a better way of living your life. All the marvelous quotes and sacrifices and lessons in love and friendship-- Doctor Who shows us what that is like. That's why the show is more than a show...

    Oh my.

    You are here. #DoctorWho

    Ahaha! #doctorwho

    So true.

    But I love this scene because Martha was ranting the whole time and the Doctor was just like "My sonic screwdriver ;_;"

    ""Who's Your Doctor?"" Art Print

    "I honestly think that is one of the most beautiful things about this series... The doctors, especially the new ones, are in fact fan boys, playing out their dream." <-- :')