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Kaper Chart for Brownie Scout meetings. When girls arrive for meetings, they reach into a bag and pick, without looking, a bracelet (plastic beads on elastic). The bracelets are in colors that correspond to each of the trefoils on this chart, and each girl is assigned the task on her trefoil. Bracelets are left behind at the end of the meeting to be reused at subsequent meetings.

Goal Thermometer - remember you goal is a activity (event, service project, trip) not a number of boxes or amount of money. The last two are how you reach your goal, not your goal.

Girl Scout Troop Kaper Chart in a Can! I think I would put the girls names on the outside and the chores on the clothespins and they could reach in the can to choose their chore for the day.

Badge work tracking form: Need to create something like this for our girls! Girl Scout Brownies Legacy Badge Chart