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girl scouts junior art badge | Girl Scouts of Connecticut: Girl Scout Leadership Experience: Badges

girl scout kaper charts | my job was to make the kaper chart i had to google kaper chart as i ...

A MUST FOR ANY GS/DAISY LEADER!!! Everything you ever needed for ideas, crafts ceremonies, camping, songs, troop management and so so so many more topics for Girl Scouts and Daisies!

Kaper Chart. I'm going to print as an 8x10 and mount on cardboard. Then I'm going to put their names on clothespins to clip on the chart! Feel free to download!

What a great idea that I must do! Scout Bucks: From meeting behavior to cookie sales, reward your girls with "Scout Bucks" that they can cash in for trinkets and goodies at the end of the year. Ideas to use them for:Ideas for reward: Good behavior Group participation Cookie Sales Remembering to bring dues and/or supplies Wearing vest Cleaning up

Troop Leader Mom: Getting Started with Daisy Girl Scouts (and Brownies Too!) -- Simple Kaper Chart. Write names on front/back of clothespins (be sure to flip them upside down for back) and attach on left and right sides (Buddy System)