50 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas You Should Start Creating Now! (Part 1)

50 DIY Christmas Presents You Should Start Creating Now

I am not making this, but it is hilarious so I have to pin it! DIY alien abduction lamp from dollar store materials

Alien abduction lamp - I want this. Yes, for my home. And yes, I am a grownup, too. I'd put it in the dining room, I think, and laugh and laugh and laugh every time I caught sight of it.

Alien Abduction Lamp by Lasse Klein: The light in the UFO illuminates the windows with its "aliens" and also the glass beam. How to modify into beaver craft? Felt, plastic cup, but how to make the space ship?

DIY Valentine’s Keys- 22 Upcycled Keyboard Keys Ideas | DIY to Make

22 Upcycled Keyboard Keys Ideas

DIY Teen Craft: Upcycle/Reuse Old Keyboard Pieces Use old computer keys to spell out a sweet message. These keyboard pieces are perfect for showing someone just how much you care.

Abajour '-'

This lamp is cool how the light portion replaces a part of the body. This is similar to Riley's lamp and I really like hers! I think this is a creative idea.

Cloud lamp with LED lights that change colors

Cloud lamp with LED lights that change colors- this needs to get in my life right now!all hail the glow cloud

I wonder if I could make this myself with some old globes and a lighting kit. Hmmmm....

DIY Inspiration Lighting From Up-cycled Globes. Cute idea for office or class room.

How to make a cloud!

Just in case we ever need clouds. DIY: How to make a cloud! Wish I had know this when Nadja asked for a cloud for Xmas, we only came up with a dry ice version. She still has a jar of "condensed" cloud though.



Use inexpensive plastic tumblers and plastic dinosaurs to make these awesome DIY Dinosaur Handle Cups! For a sipper saurus cup!

Indoor picnic lunch.

Briefcase to portable picnic!DIY take an old briefcase and turn it into a picnic.

DIY Super Mario Brothers Star Tree Topper | Nintendo NES craft

DIY Mario Star Tree Topper

Funny pictures about Super Mario lamp. Oh, and cool pics about Super Mario lamp. Also, Super Mario lamp.

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DIY felt light decoration diy craft crafts craft ideas instructions easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts easy diy how to home crafts diy lighting home decorations

Cool Light Idea | DIY & Crafts Tutorials

Painted Lightbulb=awesome patterns on wall. this could be fun! - cute for a kids night light

Recycling saves

I have no idea where this would go in our house but love it! hutch studio: Paper House Lights at Hutch

DIY :: How To Make A could utilize this for a lot of things. Would be really fun to make some of these so kids feel like they're on top of a coaster-- in the clouds! These have to hang from the ceiling!

The recycling and repurposing possibilities are endless! 19. Miniatures in a Jar

The recycling and repurposing possibilities are endless!