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this is my favorite thing. ever.

Won't have to tell the kids twice to stay away from the fireplace

Zombie apocalypse at Ikea…


fair skin

It’s Either A Young Biologist Or a Budding Serial Killer.

Soooo true

How to Quinoa: Life Lessons from My Imaginary Well-Dressed Daughter Coming in June!

I don't want to see selfies unless they look like these.

With Quinoa's coaching, Psha was finally able to confront Jeah about his blatant identity theft. #MIWDTD


i want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares


I haven't stopped laughing

Bonsai by Takanori Aiba #Sculpture #Bonsai, WOW!

Yes, this.

In what could only be described as an existential crisis, Quinoa had some tough, pointed questions about what happens to clothes after they go out of style. #MIWDTD

11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures Infographic by Ella Frances Sanders, via #Infographic #Language

Guys with fancy lady hair…

Today I Found Out

| T-Rex Face Flip Up Tee Men's

A Mother's Prayer by Tina Fey


Hippo Table