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Return of Captive Israel, 1945, oil on canvas, 53 1/2 x 90 inches. Minerva K. Teichert. Courtesy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Relief Society Building, all rights reserved.

Look to Your Children- minerva teichert This is one of my favorites because I read the scriptures of Christ coming to the Americas and the angels surrounding the little children just after my appointment with the doctor that lead to all the sorrow of that weekend. The scriptures brought me comfort, as does this painting! ~Brittany

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Eloise Wilkin

"as Mary is the treasurer and dispenser of the gifts and graces of the Most High God, she reserves a choice portion, indeed the choicest portion, to nourish and sustain her children and servants. they grow strong on the Bread of Life; they are made joyful with the Wine that brings forth virgins. they are carried at her breast. they bear with ease the yoke of Christ scarcely feeling its weight because of the oil of devotion with which she has softened its wood." — st. louis de montfort